Yuriy Musatov

Yuriy Musatov was selected for the III International Triennial of Ceramics UNICUM 2015 presented by the National Museum of Slovenia (15 May 2015 – 30 September 2015)

The National Museum of Slovenia is setting up the III. International Triennial of Ceramics Unicum 2015. The emphasis is on popularization as well as presentation of contemporary ceramics as an independent area in the field of artistic creation. Triennial is a connection between international and Slovene area and it gives a fresh insight into artistic ceramics. Its intention is searching for elementary artistic research in connection to contemporary thought. We are looking for new concepts, technologies and innovative research in the field of ceramic art that are connected to contemporary life.
III. International Triennial of Ceramics Unicum 2015 contains competitive part and accompanying events and exhibitions all over Slovenia. The National Museum of Slovenia will host the competitive part of the triennial as well as the international exhibition of ceramics of students from Art Schools and Academies chosen by the invited mentors from each country where the members of the jury come from – Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey.