Natalia Korf-Ivaniuk’s personal exhibition “Living matter”

On May 17 art space Sky Art Foundation presented a project by a Ukrainian artist Natalia Korf-Ivaniuk entitled “Living matter”. The artist’s works will be on display until June 5. Admission is free.

Organizer of Natalia Korf-Ivaniuk’s solo exhibition is Sky Art Foundation charity fund.

Art of Natalia Korf-Ivaniuk is peculiar for constant search of new forms, textures, experiments with colour and light as well as intellectual simplicity of Ukrainian abstract landscapes.

The exhibition displays over 20 new fine art paintings of the artist created in 2016. These works demonstrate the ability of paint to live, create the world of chromatic harmony, colorific blending and transformation.

In her creative endeavor the artist tried to find and grasp this special flexible language which became a linking element binding the entire polyphony of her combined art. “My new series of works is the proof that such language exists and that “living matter” exists as a form of creative self-expression. Paint texture, fabric, collage help to reach the desired effect, create the illusion of sparkle on canvas, engage the audience into interaction with color…” said Natalia, describing her project.

The artists’ paintings on display are exhibited for the first time.

Natalia Korf-Ivaniuk was born in 1985 in Kremenchuk town, Poltava region. She graduated from Yuriy Kondratiuk National Technical University in Poltava, Department of Fine Arts, in 2008. Since 2002 has been actively participating in numerous prestigious exhibitions and plain-airs in Ukraine and abroad. She has been a member of the National Society of Artists of Ukraine since 2010. Korf-Ivaniuk’s works are kept in private and museum collections in Ukraine, Russia, Canada Germany and France. At present the artist lives and works in Kyiv.