Street artist Serhiy Radkevych brings Hope to Kyiv

Serhiy Radkevych became the first Ukrainian participant of Mural Social Club festival. He created a mural named “Fragments of hope” (Kyiv, Sribnokilska 1) which became a manifest against violence and inhumanity.

“The main figures of the mural are two hands copied from a real object in Kyiv, for example Mother Motherland statue. The hands depicted in the mural are breaking a sword. It’s a manifest against violence and cruelty and a plea for at least smallest sympathy. Besides, there is a text in the mural coded in Braille – “Hope”, said Radkevych.

Serhiy Radkevych was born in 1987 in Lutsk. He is a graduate of Lviv National Academy of Art (pictorial art). The artist combines simplified religious symbols with geometric patterns. He is trying to change abandoned places into spiritually important spaces, reviving them with his works. Radkevych is a winner of the Second Special PinchukArtCentre Award (2011). He is one of the organizers of Street Art Festival (2010-2012) and a GRANNY HALL residency founder. Lives and works in Lviv.