New York based street artist covered a renowned Ukrainian cultural center with a mural

New York based Canadian street artist Aaron Li-Hill decorated the building of the Cultural Arts Center of the biggest Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” (Kiev) with a large-scale mural.
This piece speaks to two influential discoveries within the last two centuries. The name of the artwork is “The Impact Of Discovery”.

Painted on this multi-surfaced building is an explosion created from the Boson Higgs experiments, where two Hydrogen protons collide together at the speed of light. These experiments shed light on the nature of our universe and the particles, which tie it together. “Overlaid on top is a manipulated image mixed from my own process and a photograph by Etienne-Jules Marey made at the turn of the 20 century. Marey, a scientist and a contemporary of Edward Muybridge, was the first person to put multiple images into one plate making the first multiple exposed images. Marey along with Muybridge, were the godfathers of film and sowed the seeds that have given birth to the powerful cinematic industry—exporting Western culture globally—that we see today,” the artist wrote on his Facebook page.

The image of the man running, mirrored, becomes a symbol of hydrogen protons hurtled toward each other and of the impact that these discoveries have on the world around us and the world within us.

“This piece also has a subterranean meaning that is influenced by the current situation in Ukraine. These conflicts breed discoveries that, through struggle, enable culture, identity and community to be forged,” says Li-Hill.

Li-Hill’s artwork was realized with a support of EVO Group (

The mural was created during the International Festival of Urban Art called Mural Social Club that takes place in Ukraine from May 12 till July 30.

As a part of a large-scale art event more than 30 artists from around the world will create about 30 murals and several installations in Kiev, Odessa and Chernihiv.

The festival is organized by NGO Sky Art Foundation and curated by Oleg Sosnov and Yulia Ostrovska.

“Happy to be part of the new project Mural Social Club, the project is dedicated to the Urban Art in public space. The goal of this project is to support local initiatives to improve urban environment, creating murals or installations in suburbs of Kiev, as well as in few small towns in Ukraine, by bringing modern art in a socially or economically vulnerable zones,” highlights Oleg Sosnov.

“Our mission is to popularize art in Ukraine. We support decentralization of urban culture – creation of art pieces not only in the city center, but also in its outskirts, as well as in smaller towns,” says Dmytro Palienko, the founder of Sky Art Foundation.

“About 80% of artworks created during the first Mural Social Club are located in the residential areas of the cities,” adds Yulia Ostrovska.

The festival line-up includes top street art names, all of whom are coming to Ukraine to decorate the cities with their artwork: Li-Hill, Rodrigo Branco, Evoca1, Fintan Magee, Borondo, Fikos Antonios, Telmo & Miel and others.

Ukrainian street artists such as Aec Interesni Kazki, Roman Minin, Sergey Radkevich, Sasha Korban will take part in the project.

Photo by Maksim Belousov