Yuriy Musatov’s personal exhibition “Fixation”

On March 18 Kyiv art space Sky Art Foundation presented a project by a Ukrainian artist Yuriy Mustov entitled Fixation. The artist’s works will be on display until April 7.

“We a living in a period when a tiny gadget makes it possible to fix a thought, memory or fantasy, while we are in public transport crammed with people, hurry to get to a meeting or even wake up suddenly at night. This possibility allows me to accumulate a number of interesting ideas during the day and then take stock of them at odd moments, sifting out the unimportant and focusing attention on the essential. Then there is meticulous work of sketching which evolves into clay and fire. The project lies in fixation of the inception process of ideas for my objects creation,” says Yuriy Musatov, describing his exhibition.

The exhibition displays about 30 ceramic works of the artists, created during the last three years. The majority of the items are exhibited for the first time. Yuriy Musatov’s ceramics is peculiar for permanent search of new forms, technologic experiments, conceptual contents and intellectual simplicity. His objects are autonomous and self-existent both in artistic environment and in designer interior.

Yuriy Musatov has already established himself as a worthy representative of professional ceramic art of Ukraine. I believe developing a brand of modern Ukrainian ceramics both in Ukraine and abroad is an extremely very important and pressing task of today. Thus, presenting new Musatov’s “Fixation” project, we make our fine, though small, contribution into promotion of Ukrainian ceramic art,” said Dmytro Palienko, founder of Sky Art Foundation, giving comment on the exhibition opening.

Yuriy Musatov was born in 1981 in Konotop town of Sumy region. He graduated from Lviv National Academy of Art in 2008, the Faculty of Applied and Decorative Arts, Department of Art Pottery. Musatov has been participating in prestigious exhibitions, workshops and biennials of professional ceramics since 2004, both in Ukraine and abroad. He was a frequent winner of international specialized competitions and scholarships. At the end of 2015 Musatov became number one in Sky Art Foundation grant competition for young artists with his project “Dreams Laboratory”, its main idea being creating ‘public artist workshops’. Musatov’s works are kept in private and museum collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, USA, Portugal, Slovenia, Latvia and Belarus.

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