Sky Art Foundation hosted a charity event in support of the talented children of rain

Children with autism who had unique talents were invited to participate in the project: Romanenko Igor (8 years old), who has a unique musical ear, that helps him to play piano, sing and arrange songs, and Hymchenko Oleksii (20 years old), who presented his amazing pencil drawings and watercolor paintings. These children demonstrated their creative reaction and original point of view on the surrounding world.

An artist from Lviv, Liliya Strudnycka, lead the acrylic painting workshop with the children, during which each of the boys created one’s own masterpiece. Besides the creative works, presented in the Sky Art Foundation venue, the play of the virtuous pianist Maksym Shorenkov and the vocal acapella group Voc_Out and, of coarse, the children’s talents presentation, helped to deepen into the creative atmosphere.

Guests were moved with the children’s painting, singing and piano skills.

Within the framework of the project there was a charity artwork sale organized to support these children’s talents. Pieces of art were kindly donated by the artists: Yuriy Koval, Liliya Strudnytska, Sasha Korban, Yuriy Musatov, Natalia Zuban, Maistrenky family. All the money raised from sales were given to the children’s parents.

Organizers of the project are planning to make it an annual and a more substantial event.