NeverEnding Story by Igor and Sergiy Bozhko and official opening of Sky Art Foundation

November 19th saw the opening of an exhibition by two generations of Odessa artists Igor and Sergei Bozhko at the metropolitan art space Sky Art Foundation.

NeverEnding Story, as Bozhko dynasty called their exhibition, coincides with the official launch of the new art space by Sky Art Foundation.

“It’s on purpose that we open our art space with a family exhibition. We wanted to show the evolution and heredity of Ukrainian art. Such approach is fully consistent with the overall concept of the Foundation. Our main goal is to support Ukrainian art, including all generations of artists, who develop contemporary art scene in Ukraine, “- says Dmytro Palienko, philanthropist and founder of Sky Art Foundation.

Igor and Sergey Bozhko are quintessential representatives of Odessa nonconformist school. Father – Igor Bozhko – was born in 1937 in Kharkiv. In the late 60’s – early 70’s he’s been  involved in so called “kvartyrnyky” – a series of underground exhibitions of avant-garde artists held in private apartments. In 1992 he founded “Choven” gallery. In 1998 he became a member of “Mamay” artistic association.
Igor Bozhko is an artist and sculptor, but also a composer, poet and screenwriter. He wrote the script of the first story of the famous Kira Muratova trilogy “Three Stories”. In addition, he created several documentaries and feature films screened at various international festivals.

Bozhko the Younger – Sergiy – was born in 1985 in Odessa. He learned his artistic skills from his father. Sergiy Bozhko works in various art genres, with a lean towards abstractionism. He also works as a sculptor.

“Most of the works presented at the exhibition were created in 2014-2015. It is interesting to compare the abstract artworks by two generations of the same family, who grew up in different eras. This is a unique project” – adds Igor Bozhko.

The exhibition is organised by Sky Art Foundation and runs until 17th of December, 2015.