Modern Ceramics Festival “TseGlyna 2015”

Kyiv, Ukraine
19 – 28 August 2015
From 19 to 28 of August the festival of contemporary art ceramics “TseGlyna 2015” took place in the museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine. It is supported by the charity fund Sky Art Foundation. This art event aimed at raising the creative professional ceramics development processes in Ukraine.

The main agenda of the project was to demonstrate the current state of development of the Ukrainian art ceramics. The festival also aimed at forming of the overall cultural interest towards the art of ceramics, popularizing the creative works of ceramists and establishing the creative communication, as well as the cooperation between the ceramists, designers, architects, gallerists and collectors. Among the showcased art objects were works of the young emerging artists, in addition to the works of established ceramists: Ulyana Yaroshevych, Gia Miminoshvili, Nelli Isupova, Svitlana Pasichna, Volodymyr Khyzhynskyy, Yuriy Musatov, Olexandr Ros, Olesya Ros, Iryna Marko, Hanna Drul, Liza Portnova, Andriy Kyrychenko, Olesya Dvorak-Galik, Nata Popova, Natalia Boretska-Hrabar, Ivan Fiser and others. The festival participants represented various Ukrainian areas: Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhorod, Kharkiv, Poltava, Lutsk, Zaporizhzhia, Cherkasy, Sloviansk (Donetsk region), Konotop (Sumy region).
As a part of the festival, there were organized discussions, open studio nights with artists, personal projects presentations, installations, films screenings about the artistic ceramics and international ceramic symposiums, lectures etc.
Curators: Olesya Dvorak-Galik, Yulia Ostrovska
Photo: Andriy Kyrychenko