Kyiv hosts the 4th festival of professional ceramics

August 12 saw the opening of an annual festival of contemporary ceramics called “TseHlyna 2016”. Large-scale art event runs till August 24th, 2016. The enterance is free of charge.

The main goal of the project is the development of professional ceramics in Ukraine. The idea of the festival belongs to Olesya Dvorak-Halik. The project is supported by NGO Sky Art Foundation and curated by Olesya Dvorak-Halik and Julia Ostrovska.

This year the festival welcomes international participants from Poland, Lithuania and Japan. “Cultural and experience exchange between artists from different countries will only contribute to the enrichment of Ukrainian ceramics”, says Olesya Dvorak-Halik.

Festival visitors will also see art works of Ukrainian ceramists such as Uliana Yaroshevich, Helen Blank, Giya Miminoshvili, Igor Birch, Nelly Isupova, Svetlana Pasichna, Vladimir Hyzhynskiy, Yuriy Musatov, Iryna Marco, Olesya Dvorak-Halik, Anna Drul, Beata Korn, Alexander Miroshnichenko, Nata Popova, Ivan Fizer, Ioannina Mironova and others.

“With this festival we want to demonstrate the development of modern Ukrainian art ceramics, to form the interest to ceramic art, to promote the art works of artists, to establish cooperation between ceramists, designers, architects, gallery owners, collectors”, says Julia Ostrovska.

Apart from ceramics exhibition, the festival has seen a number of
art discussions, presentations of personal projects, lectures, performances, videos, etc. It’s also on display of the festival a feature ceramic art works for visually impaired people. Gallery is friendly to all people that are interested in contemporary ceramic art.

Photo – Maksim Belousov