Mural Social Club:Back to School! Ukraine – the first murals!

By the Children Protection Day, an artist-muralist and the curator of the project Julien Malland aka Seth has finished his first murals on the façade of Popasna school, Lugansk region. He called them “Popasna`s swing” and “Per Aspera ad Astra”.
” Popasna’s swing”, Popasna school 1, situated on Donbass war frontline, has been bombarded in 2014 and reopened last year. This wall is the first one to be painted for the project “Back to school ! Ukraine” which invite urban artists from all around the world to paint school in socially vulnerable zones”, – commented Seth his work.
“Went out so, the start of this project coincided with Children Protection Day. And it`s more symbolically, that the first mural was created by the curator of Back to School project and our friend Julien Malland exactly in Popasna. Farther without words….. This masterpiece talks for itself. I add only, that Seth`s masterpiece, with girl on the swing, is standard of street-art to date for me, because it combines minimalism and deep symbolism”, – emphasizes Dmytro Palienko, founder of Sky Art Foundation.
Julien Malland, aka the “Seth”, France and Oleg Sosnov, Ukraine are the curators of “Mural Social Club: Back to School» project, which was initiated by the Sky Art Foundation with the UNICEF Ukraine support.
To be continued….