A luminous sculpture of the plant was installed in Kyiv

As part of Mural Social Club Ukrainian artist Anna Naduda has created a luminous sculpture that was installed on one of the lakes in the Rylskiy Park in Kyiv.

The sculpture called “Water Plant” is a continuation of “New Bionics” series. It took more than four months to create a piece. The artist used metal, resin glass, phosphors as a basic material of her sculpture. The overall weight of the piece is around 500 kilos.

“I used a scrap metal for the carcass and has built a floating-island from the plastic bottles. All the remains of industrial civilization. I had a pleasure to visit a metal scrap-heap and fields of unprocessed plastic bottles. It was an impressive experience,” says Anna.

“Water Plant” collects solar energy during the day and gives the light back during the night. The light is similar to the glow of plankton or moss.

Anna Naduda deals with sculpture, interactive installation, graphics and performance. An artist cooperates with musicians and video artists and participates in many exhibitions and projects in Ukraine, France, Britain, Poland and the United States.
She lives and works in Kyiv.