Mural Social Club – Artworks

Mural Social Club:Back to School! Ukraine – the first murals!

By the Children Protection Day, an artist-muralist and the curator of the project Julien Malland aka Seth has finished his first murals on the façade of Popasna school, Lugansk region. He called them “Popasna`s swing” and “Per Aspera ad Astra”.

Wius created the abstract artwork in Kyiv

Ukrainian participant of Mural Social Club Festival Roma Wius, aka Wius, had created an abstraction in Kyiv, Geroyiv Staligradu str. 22. He decorated three walls of the building with his piece.

Street artist Serhiy Radkevych brings Hope to Kyiv

Serhiy Radkevych became the first Ukrainian participant of Mural Social Club festival. He created a mural named “Fragments of hope” (Kyiv, Sribnokilska 1) which became a manifest against violence and inhumanity.